A downloadable game for Windows

Your name is John Henry and you're a steel driving man.

You were born with a hammer, a twenty pound hammer, a hammer right in your hand.

Some guy came by the old railroad site saying he could beat you in a race with this new fangled steam drill or something and you can't believe it. Who is this guy? Didn't he know that once upon a time your mom liked to sew at night, so you pulled the moon down to give her light?

But he's hired some crooked cops to delay you getting to the race in time! We gotta get there!

Features Include:

  • Beautiful 2D Sprite Work: Done by James Wine, now you too can see John Henry as he was meant to be seen, in pixels!
  • Jumping!: Hey John, you can jump! Press space bar to do that!
  • Feats of Strength!: You're a big man with a big hammer, John. That adds some weight. What? Hit the cops? That's murder, John. Jump on their heads to knock them out and get some lift!
  • A Rap Sheet: John, we know we're not supposed to point out you used to be in prison, but the cops are aiming to arrest you! Don't let them touch you, man!

This is a very rough prototype of a prototype made for The Public Domain Jam (#pdjam). Further developments and actual fleshing out are on the way!


John Henry-Windows- 3 MB